Responsible Gambling

Responsible Gaming

Providing a safe gaming environment is a priority for the Québec Online Gaming Coalition. We believe that private operators should continue to provide players with all the necessary means to make informed choices regarding their gaming habits. We want to work with policy makers and responsible gaming experts to address the key issues surrounding online gaming and advertising.

This starts with creating an independent regulatory body that will proceed to establish standardized controls on responsible gaming. In a regulated market, private gaming operators would be subject to numerous responsible gaming and social responsibility requirements in order to obtain and maintain their license to operate in Québec.

This Includes

In addition, the Coalition is committed to being actively involved with organizations that provide services to help pathological players, and to contribute to the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Société et Culture in order to continue to study gaming behaviours, and different ways in which we can protect players and provide a safe and responsible gaming experience for Québecers